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Collection for the creation of a sculpture of Tóna Brtka (Jozefa Kronera)
- the main character of the Oscar-winning film The Shop on Main Street.
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Zuzana Kronerová


Prof. Mudr. Pavel Traubner, Phd.

Prof. Mudr.
Pavel Traubner, Phd.


CAST s.r.o.

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Author's speech

Hello, dear visitor.

My name is Juraj Karniš. I live and create in Sabinov. In 2003, me and my friend Štefan Lompart spoke about our Sabinov. He came with an idea that he addressed to me as an artist. He proposed so that I created a memory tablet of the film The Shop on the Main Street that was shot in Sabinov and in 1966 got the Academy Awards - OSCAR. This tablet was ceremonially fixed in 2004.
Some years later there was the idea to create a life-sized statue of Tóno Brtko (main character).

Bronze cast would be placed on the pavement – Main Street just in front of the replica of the film shop of Mrs Lautmanová in Sabinov, Slovak Republic. The town visitor will have the chance to meet Tóno Brtko played by phenomenal Slovak actor, Jozef Kroner.
If this idea appealed to you, please register and become a part of it.

Thank you.

Juraj Karniš, Author of the sculpture

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If you want to become a part of the project Socha na korze and support the bronze sculpture financially, please send your donation to the account:

SK19 1100 0000 0029 3838 1683
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After receiving your donation, the Donnor´s Contract will be sent to you (in electronic form) to prove the acceptance of your donation.

If you support with the minimum sum of 10 EUR and more, you become a part of the project. You will be also included in the complete list of donors (printed brochure issued as a part of the project) and invited for official unveiling of the bronze sculpture.

If you support with the sum of 1000 EUR and more, you will be recorded in the memorial/thank-you plaque placed on the facade of the Shop on Main Street replica on Námestie slobody No. 68 in Sabinov. On the occasion of official unveiling of the bronze sculpture, you will be invited for a gala reception and a meeting with the sculpture author.

Register as a new donor.

Thank you for your donation. Mgr. Juraj Karniš - Author of the sculpture

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Additional information

Ján Kadar and Elmar Klos's film The Shop on Main Street (1965) deals with the story of an ordinary man. a carpenter called Tóno Brtko. He isn't interested in events taking place around him and even he doesn't understand them much. The town in the First Slovak Republic lives peacefully, only the building of the Monument of Victory points out the regime clearly. An elderly widow Lautmann enters Tóno's life fatefully as Tóno with the help of his brother - in - law becomes the Aryan controller of her little shop. Mrs Lautmann doesn't omprehend what Tóno is doing in her shop while Tono is just pretending he doesn't understand her and is arization in order not to be striking before the eyes of his wife and his brother - in - law. The Jewish community even pays Tono because they are aware of the fact that the little shop is non - profitable. They want to prevent Tóno from taking away even the little money the elderly widow Lautmann possesses as Tóno needs to bring the money earned by arization home to Evelina, his wife. However, the circumstances are becoming worse and Tóno watches bitterly his benefactor Imro Kuchár being beaten and dragged off. He gets to know about the transport approarhlng through Andomič and Uncle Piti. when the two incomprehensible worlds of Mrs Lautmann and Brtko meet. the critical moment leads to cataclysm and the top of the culmination in the form of a tragic scene - an unintentional murder and a forced suicide.

The film won the highest film prize - the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film or simply an Oscar on 18 April 1966 as the first in the history of Czechoslovak Cinematography

Localisation of the sculpture


I thank to all my supporters.

To my family for patience, especially to my wife Táňa, daughter Zojka and son Juraj.

Special thanks:

To ambassadors - Zuzana Kronerová, Prof. MUDr. Pavel Traubner, PhD, MEDEKO CAST s.r.o.
To co- workers - G. Pavlík, Š. Lompart, S. Uličný, M. Gargalovič, J. Gargalovič, J. Vrábel ml.

Juraj Karniš 2019